I create mechanical abstractions made of imagined engineered elements. Painted by hand onto canvas or paper, my work is often perceived as computer generated. In reality, I improvise forms entirely with pencil and paint.

Inspired by technology and engineering fields as well as formal abstraction, I paint out and add elements as needed. I keep forms reduced to flat color and black line to direct the focus to the structures created.

I look for inspiration in the hidden mechanical systems which make our world run.
Engineering plans, patent submissions and architectural layouts are combined with geometric forms or colors inspired by artists such was Ellsworth Kelly, Morton Schamberg and Anne Truitt.

Each painting is titled with a sequence of numbers rather than words. This provides a type of tracking number and obscures any literal interpretations. Painting by hand counterbalances the futuristic technology
and machine-made structures each piece strives to reflect.

When complete, each painting attempts to combine the enigmatic qualities of the mechanical world with that of the abstract.